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Political Swag and the Supreme Court
Nickel and diming your audience, doing what you project, buffet talk, fill in the blank, and more!
Three Basketball-Themed Products
A pen, a bottle opener, and a piggy-bank! Oh my!
Do You Learn From Your Mistakes?
In the promotional products industry, there is opportunity for failure at every turn.
Basketball Noisemakers
A clapper and a cowbell (more cowbell!)
Britney Godsey from Gold Bond
Going all in on social media
Basketball Beach Ball & Basketball Hacky Sack
Fun basketball-themed products for everyone!
Basketball Rubber Ducky
Not just for bathtime!
Shifting Worldviews
There will always be prospects who have specific worldviews that simply won’t shift
PromoErrday - Weekly Wrap-up
See all the great products featured the week of February 12, 2018
Product Safety, Winter Olympics - Do You Care?
Living in the was/will be, Cleveland Indians logo, Kirby and Bill fight over the term "Hair Band," Fill in the Blank, and more!
So many uses for one product!
It’s Not Your Customer's Job to Remember You
It’s your job to make yourself unforgettable.
Light Saber Keychain
Calling all Star Wars fans!
Bobby Lehew from commonsku
Content creation and storytelling - and how to do it better!
Time to Take Action!
It’s February and that means you have 11 months left to finish the year strong!
Laptop Sleeve from City Cut and Sew
Beautiful branding - inside and out!
The Phone Case is the New T-Shirt
An average smartphone user interacts with their devices 2,617 times each day - it's time for marketers to take advantage of that real estate!
Cap It Off
Headwear is universal and unisex and should always be as top contender in any promotional wearable program
Three-in-one Pen
So many uses in one pen!
Did You See This?
A quick roundup of info not necessarily related to product safety you may have missed in your busy life over the last couple of weeks.
Gas Station Sushi
When the promise is always better than reality, it’s time to find a different prospect
PromoErrday - Weekly Wrap-up
See all the great products featured the week of February 5, 2018
"Big Game" Wrap-up, Supplier/Distributor Meetings
The lost art of debating, Fill in the Blank, and more!
Baseball Themed Cowbell
Super Bowl Ads
Kirby and Amy's favorite ads!