Digital Marketing
Full suite of marketing services
Leverage over 35,000 digital catalog pages
Drive business while saving time
Email Broadcasting
Reach up to 10,000 potential clients
Fully automated email marketing
Highest value for your marketing dollar
Digital Catalog Creation
Fully customizable digital catalog
Create niches for your target audience
Updated by suppliers in real time
Digital Media Content
Targeted merchandise specials
Fully self-maintained and updated
Digital Marketing Program
Bundled services, maximum ROI
Daily exposure to stay top of mind
Completely customizable
Content Advertising
Daily content marketing
Created by industry thought leaders
Reach over 100,000 distributors each week
Email Broadcasting
Five days of exclusive promotion
Distributor and client safe forwarding
End user exposure
Digital Catalog Creation
Fully customizable digital catalogs
Automated product search
Update as needed
Banner Advertising
Exclusive advertising on the PromoCorner website
Reach over 100,000 visitors per month
Meghan Kory from Hit Promotional Products
They discuss what it's like to be a rising start and work in the same industry as her dad.
Self Exploration Journal from The Book Company
Nurture creativity, mindfulness & self motivation!
Calendars & Planners
Customization and Personalization Prevalent When Putting Pen to Paper
All the Things Pouch from Numo
Keeps everything organized!
Scary Stuff- Innovate or Die.
Distrupters are creating new expectations for customers.
“The Customer is Always Right” is Wrong
The truth is, the customer is usually wrong.
Weekly Wrap-Up!
See all the great products Brandon received from his apartment complex!
How do you get back into your routine?
Why Kirby isn't the always the yellow part of the sponge, Ad week, fake orders, Fill in the Blank & more!
Power Magnet House from The Magnet Group.
Magnets can welcome you home & stay on schedule.
To your health!
Health care will always be relevant.
Name Badges from Vault Promotions
Watch how hands on it is to make name badges.
Swivel Tech Flashlight from Bic Graphic
Helping new residents feel safe and keeping screens clean.
3 Month Content Marketing Plan
How to get started.
Aaron Kucherawy from Commonsku
They discuss being a rising star and helping people with change.
Tall Latte Ceramic Mug from Leed's
Large coffee cups make mornings better.
The World is Your Bullpen
Brainstorming with others are some of the best sales lessons.
Terry McGuire from Halo Branded Solutions
Bill and Terry talk about handling issues with large accounts.
Beach Balls from L and L Promos
Fun for the pool!
Lots of Work Still To Be Done
The CPSIA turns 10 years old this year.
Your Sales Pipeline Sucks- Make it Suck Less
It's time to think differently about building your pipeline.
Weekly Wrap-Up!
See all the great products Brandon received from his apartment complex!
The Stepford Catalogs
Are you using the EXACT same catalog?
Increasing collaboration- live from Skucamp 2018
Skucamp 2018, New Orleans, travel habits, Fill in the Blank, & more!
The Neoprene Coaster from Sweda
Keep your tables protected.
Focus on Results
Clients buy results, not just product.